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Grand Teton Winter Wonderland Tour

The day includes the exact itinerary as the Winter Half-Day in Grand Teton National Park and also includes a horse-driven sleigh ride onto the National Elk Refuge where you will learn about and observe the largest free-roaming Elk herd in the world. 
Lunch is included on this tour.

Duration: approx. 10 hrs

Cost: Private Tour (1 - 4 persons / Total $895 ) .....*Sleigh Ride is not private

(each additional person/ $145)

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Included in Your Tour

- Professional experienced naturalist guide

- Comfortable roomy four-wheel drive transport

- Free pick-up & drop-off at you Jackson, Teton Village or     Park Accommodations

- Healthy snacks & refreshments on every tour

- Lunch at a Park Establishment on all All-Day Tours

- High quality binoculars & spotting scope

- Free use of Professional Canon Camera Gear

- Rain Gear

- Educational Tools enhancing a hands-on approach in         learning about the wildlife and this wonderful place in         which we live

- Excellent photo-ops of both wildlife & landscapes

- Guaranteed Fun !

**Please be advised - all persons shall be responsible for      their own Park Entrance Passes/Fees

Cancellation Policy

Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions only requires a deposit if you have reserved a Multi-Day Tour or if your tour is over six persons. A deposit of 25 percent is then required and is non-refundable if you cancel within thirty-five days of your first tour, otherwise it is fully refundable. An email cancellation must be sent to following email to ensure we have received your cancellation confirmation.