Grand Teton
Winter Half-Day Tour
The winter season in Grand Teton National Park is a spectacle. At sunrise, alpenglow colors the snowy peaks of the Teton Range making for some wonderful photography. Wildlife struggle with the cold temperatures and the difficulty in reaching the less-than-nutrient available food sources. Moose, Elk, Bison, Big Horn Sheep, Mule Deer, Wolves and others may be seen.   

Duration: approx. 7 hrs

Cost: Private Tour (1 - 4 persons / Total $545 | each additional person/ $105)

Grand Teton All-Day
Winter Wonderland Tour
The day includes the exact itinerary as the Winter Half-Day in Grand Teton National Park and also includes a Horse-driven sleigh ride onto the National Elk Refuge where you will learn about and observe the largest free-roaming Elk herd in the world. 
Lunch is included on this tour.

Duration: approx. 10 hrs

Cost: Private Tour (1 - 4 persons / Total $750)

(each additional person/ $125)

Public Tour $295 per person (two person min)

Grand Teton 
Winter Photography Workshop
Winter Photography in Grand Teton offers spectacular vistas and a variety of wildlife subjects. You shall learn your camera and its functions, composition and shooting under some funky light conditions.
Every season offers a new challenge and winter doesn't disappoint.

Duration: approx. 7 hrs

Private Tour (1 person / $595)

Private Tour (2 person Total / $695)

Private Tour (3 person / Total $795)

Grand Teton | Yellowstone
Winter Multi-Day Custom Tour
Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions offers multi-day tours into Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. These tours are customized tours, include hotel accommodations and a variety of activities to choose from. While touring Yellowstone, a Snowcoach Heated-enclosed vehicle on tracks or large tires is the desired mode of transportation. Snow Coach routes include Old Faithful or the more northern route to the Little Grand Canyon and Lower Falls. You might choose both routes on different days and/or may choose to travel even further north in search of wolves and more wintering bison. A day in Grand Teton can also be included as this day has the same itinerary as the Winter Wonderland Tour mentioned above.
Whatever your desires, we will go out of our way to make sure your stay and your tours are most memorable.

Private Multi-Day Tours

Number of days and itinerary to be customized and formulated based on your desires and number of people.


Please inquire with us if you desire a multi-day winter tour with us.