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Tour Expectations


Before I commence with an overview of what to expect on your tour, I must begin speaking to you about our number one priority. And that is your safety while touring with us. From the time we pick you up to the time we drop you off, we here at Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions will ensure your safety with us at all times. We are fully insured with regard to the NPS, the National Elk Refuge and all general liability requirements. We also strictly enforce our Firearm Policy, which states at no time shall any firearm be allowed on any of our tours.

We shall follow all NPS wildlife viewing regulations and all Federal/State DOT Intrastate Motor Carrier Rules   

As required by the National Park Service, all persons shall sign an Acknowledgement of Risk Form or if under age, have a guardian sign for them. This form protects the NPS from all liability. It is your guide's responsibility to monitor a safe environment and inquire with all clients about any physical restrictions, allergies or other. We are very serious about your safety, yet we continue to provide a most enjoyable and informative wildlife photography tour as indicated by the awesome words said about us on Trip Advisor, Facebook and other social media platforms.


We our very committed to preserving the paths we travel and protecting the wildlife from anything but natural, while at the same time ensuring everyone that travels with us, travels safely.  


Tour Focus

Our tours focus on four ideals.

1) Locating breath-taking scenery and the many species of wildlife this ecosystem seasonally provides, by taking you to all the current hotspots and opportunistic sightings.


2) Educating you in wildlife behavior, habitat and adaptation. Outlining for you, the area's geological and ecological interpretations, as well as its cultural and natural history.


3) Enhancing your skill using your camera while observing the area's incredible wildlife and natural vistas. And then enabling you to leave this beautiful land with proof that your time spent with us was a most enjoyable one and forever lasting.


4) And finally and as equally important, instill in you an amazement and awe that a place like this does exist on the planet and you now can speak of it.


Here at Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions, we make sure by the end of your tour, you feel as if you just experienced the ultimate in wildlife exploration.   

Included in Your Tour

- Professional experienced naturalist guide

- Comfortable roomy four-wheel drive transport

- Free pick-up & drop-off at you Jackson, Teton Village or Park Accommodations

- Healthy snacks & refreshments on every tour

- Lunch at a Park Establishment on all All-Day Tours

- High quality binoculars & spotting scope

- Free use of Professional Canon Camera Gear

- Rain Gear

- Educational Tools enhancing a hands-on approach in learning about the wildlife and this wonderful place in which we live

- Excellent photo-ops of both wildlife & landscapes

- Guaranteed Fun !

**Please be advised - all persons shall be responsible for their own Park Entrance Passes/Fees

Cancellation Policy

Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions only requires a deposit if you have reserved a Multi-Day Tour or if your tour is over six persons. A deposit of 25 percent is then required and is non-refundable if you cancel within thirty-five days of your first tour, otherwise it is fully refundable. An email cancellation must be sent to to ensure we have received your cancellation confirmation. 

Contacting Us

Please feel free to contact us anytime during the day and evening. I may be on tour or busy at the time, but I shall return your call as promptly as I am able. Thank you for your understanding.



"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,

                        we borrow it from our children."

                                             - Chief Seattle

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