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Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions


Copyright 2013  Heaven On Earth Photography 

"My wife and I signed up for the Sunrise Safari in January and were pleasantly surprised. We didn't realize the abundance of wildlife that could be seen during this time of year."


"The trip was informative as well as delightful. Two thumbs up from this end."


                                                                             - James and Maggie R.


"We had a wonderful time touring with Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions. The Winter Wonderland Tour was well-rounded and was just the thing we needed after skiing for five straight days."


"A perfect mix of wildlife viewing and the winter landscape. The sleigh ride brought back memories from our youths."


"We appreciate the work you guys do in making this day so relaxing and so enjoyable."

                                                                                - Susan and Bill S.    


"I have toured wih Dan on many occasions. Our half-day excursion in Grand Teton was fabulous. We saw much of the wildlife the park had to offer. Even saw a pine marten."


"I certainly look forward to my next adventure with Dan. He is a wonderful guide and a great friend."            


                                                                               - Jeannete "Moosie" W.

                                                                                  Jackson, WY

"I wanted elk and for goodness sake, Dan took me to some of the most beautiful bull elk I have ever seen."


"Great photos!  Great Time!  Dan doesn't fool around. He makes every minute count."   


                                                                                                   - Tom L.

                                                                                 Raleigh-Durham, NC 

"Our family decided to tour Grand Teton National Park for an entire day. At first light, we experienced an owl, possibly a great-horned, fly past our vehicle. That was a good omen, because the day provided us with so much wildlife viewing, we finally lost count. We even saw a Grizzly with three cubs and two wolves walk across the road right in front of us. This place might not be heaven, but it is sure close."


"We plan on returning soon. I highly recommend this company if you are looking for a professional and experienced guide to show you around the park. Our family enjoyed this tour immensely and will cherish this vacation for years to come."   


                                                                                 - Robert and Marcia H.                                                                                         Austin, TX

"This was a long day of driving but I have to say, our family enjoyed every minute of it. Our guide continued to amaze us with her knowledge of both Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks. I never realized how diverse this area actually was. The wildlife was everywhere. We were stranded in the middle of a bison herd for almost thirty minutes. What a treat."


"We also encountered bears, elk, antelope, moose, big horn sheep, otters and even an owl nest. These people are amazing. We even learned a bit of American Indian history about the Nez Perce and their connection to Yellowstone. I just had to purchase a book on Yellowstone before we left the park. "    


"This tour was both informative and enjoyable for our entire family. Never a dull momment."


                                                                                  - The Fukawa Family

                                                                                      La Mirada, CA

"I would like to thank Dan and Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions for providing me with such an awesome five hours of birding. Such diversity and availabilty of so many species."


"My sincere and overwhelming thanks."


                                                                                 - Bob W.

                                                                                    San Jose, CA  

"My guide was Dan and I can't even begin to tell you how knowledgable the man is. He showed me step by step in the use of my camera and lenses. He taught me the most important functions to manipulate when composing my shot. I wrote everything down."


"I knew there was wildlife here, but Dan seemed to know where to find all of it. Unbelievable! We also set up and photographed some really nice landsacapes. I am so proud of myself. I did not realize it would be this easy."


"I'll be back next fall with my grandson. What a way to spice up life."


"Thanks Dan and thank you Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions."


                                                                      - Andrew W.

                                                                         Houston, TX       

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Copyright 2013 Heaven on Earth Photography

Copyright 2013 Heaven on Earth Photography

Copyright 2013 Heaven on Earth Photography

Copyright 2013 Heaven on Earth Photography

Copyright 2013 Heaven on Earth Photography

Copyright 2013 Heaven on Earth Photography

Copyright 2013 Heaven on Earth Photography

Copyright 2013 Heaven on Earth Photography

Copyright 2013 Heaven on Earth Photography

"The Yellowstone excursion was unbelievable. We accomplished so much in just two days. Our guide was so well versed in everything the park was about. It was like he was a talking encyclopedia for the park."


"He took us to so many wildlife sightings. The park is huge but we had two days to explore it and we just raved over every inch of it. We saw bears, sheep, moose, coyotes, fox, badgers and even a mountain lion from over a mile away through the spotting scopes supplied to us. We observed wolves take down an elk and watched in astonishment as they devoured it."


"The geysers were great. Got to see Old Faithful for the first time. Never realized the extent of the 1988 fires, but then the regrowth was a welcomed sight." 


"All in all, this tour company was more than we expected. I would recommend them to anyone who visits Yellowstone. They are simply amazing."                                                                                                                                          - The Harris Family

                                                                       Carlisle, PA

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