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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Everything happens at Oxbow Bend


Landscape Photography is easy when you have the Teton Range as your backdrop. Some say the range is surreal especially under early light, as if the images where taken in a studio and a cardboard cutout of the range was placed behind a subject. This is what makes our ecosystem so amazing. It takes you places you'd rather be. I explain it like this: "I could be having a bad day and I only have to drive five miles and have a great day." There is no better way of saying it. This is why we live here. This is why it never gets old. This is why I explain to others, they need to see this place at least once if not more in their lifetime. It is breathtaking, it is peaceful, it is spiritual.

Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park


Mount Moran in an Autumn Menagerie

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