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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Mountain Lion - January 2019


This feline was seen within the town limits of Jackson, WY. There is a mule deer population that migrates in and out of the town in search of food and there are times mountain lions follow their migration. This female cat had taken down a deer on a steep hillside and was visible for much of five days and six nights. Eagles, bald and golden, as well as ravens and magpies would feast on the carcass, always beginning about an hour after sunrise,


The cat would eat only at night, but when the birds landed on the kill, she would emerge from the base of a juniper tree some 140 yards away where she lay hidden and then made her way down the hill scattering the birds from the carcass. She would only make it so far, then turn around and head back to the safety of the tree. This was my opportunity to take these images.

She could be seen at night under a full moon feasting on the carcass. She left after the sixth night. A treat it was.


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