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About Us


Daniel Muscatell


My name is Daniel Muscatell and I am the owner & a guide for Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions. I have lived in Jackson Hole for the better part of 23 years now. I have been a nature photographer for approximately twenty-eight years. In late March of 1999, I witnessed and photographed my first grizzly bear at Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park, when grizzly bears during those days were a rarity to be seen at all in the park. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was wearing sandals while standing in six inches of snow. The bear wasn't wearing anything. It was soon after I was told by local photographers that I actually saw and photographed the first grizzly bear ever roadside in Grand Teton National Park. I like to think the image was of the planet's most famous bear, Grizzly 399. For she was roaming solo at this time at four years of age. I can not prove that, but just the idea that it could have been her is a very scintillating thought.    

I began photographing nature with a Minolta 5000 film camera and a few respectable lenses that covered most of my range of subjects. The lenses back then were very noisy, sounding much like a dentist's drill while focusing automatically. It was to my delight when Canon came out with the USM lenses that provided silent operation. It was to an even greater delight when the digital revolution replaced slide film and everyone and their brother could afford a decent DSLR camera and travel the deep woods in search of their subject. 


When I arrived here in this valley in November of '98, within three months,

a mountain lion and her three cubs camped out in the rocky outcrops of 

Miller's Butte on the National Elk Refuge. This family of cats resided there

for forty-two straight days. It was a natural spectacle I had never imagined

I would have the opportunity to witness in the wilds. Over time, I began to

realize this valley of Jackson Hole and the Yellowstone Ecosystem 

encompassing it, was a naturalist's dream and nature photographer's

paradise. And over time this led me into the realization that Jackson Hole

Grand Expeditions would become an avenue to express my experiences

and my passion for this paradise onto others. 


I have hiked the many trails and mountains of the Adirondacks, the Smokies and the Colorado Rockies... but it wasn't until I visited Jackson Hole that winter of 1998, that I knew I wanted to live here for the rest of my life. There are no bad days here. That is the beauty of this land. And that is why many are drawn to this place. 

Maybe this is Heaven. Maybe it isn't. All I know is, those who live here or simply come for a visit, this ecosystem instills into them a better understanding of the miracles of nature and the sincere necessity for her preservation. 

Kelly Hatch

Before arriving in Jackson Hole in 2007, Kelly spent twelve adventurous years in Grand Junction, Colorado climbing Colorado's tall mountains (The 14ers) or hiking Utah's majestic National Parks and Monuments. There, she learned to fly fish, mountain bike, ski (downhill), raft the white waters, photograph nature's subjects and educate herself in the extreme high altitude environments of the western United States. A huge passion of Kelly's is competing with her thoroughbred horse in dressage. Because of her passion for animals, domestic and wild, Kelly along with her twin sister Kathy, own and operate Jackson Hole Feed & Pet in Jackson, WY.


Kelly is a registered nutritionalist having graduated from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. Kelly lives in Bridger-Teton National Forest with her husband Jack and their daughter Ella. She travels Grand Teton National Park on a daily basis and has assisted in leading pack mule teams into Hawk's Rest, the furthest point from any paved road in the continental United States. As one can surmise, Kelly is a well-rounded, hardworking, professional and is a perfect fit for our company and the teaching of others about our natural world here in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. We are proud to have her on board. 

Caitlin Davis 

Caitlin was born and raised in central Kentucky, close to Daniel Boone National Forest. Her childhood included camping, hiking, and climbing which manufactured her love for the outdoors.


Her artistic passion has earned her a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Louisville. Caitlin is a wonderful wildlife artist and loves to paint other's precious and adorable furry friends as well. 

Caitlin has traveled this country extensively, visiting over twenty-five National Parks and National Monuments. In 2014, she completed a three-hundred mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail.

She has spent time in New Zealand exploring the North and South Island. She has done a short stint in Samoa living in a small village, sharing meals with local residents and meeting community leaders. While in Samoa, she snorkeled the ocean reefs and swam in one of the world's iconic natural swimming holes located on Upolu Island, the TO SUA.


Working as part of the support team for researchers at McMurdo Station at the southern tip of Ross Island in Antarctica, Caitlin led hikes and explorations of the ever-changing pressure ridges, where the sea ice meets the continent. Hiking/biking glaciers and exploring ice caves were all part of her time well spent in Antarctica.

Caitlin moved to Jackson, WY via an AmeriCorps internship working with The Teton Literacy Center and the Teton Raptor Center (TRC). Her favorite raptors are the Barn Owl and the Peregrine Falcon, both of which are local rehabilitation and educational residents of the TRC.


We are thrilled to have Caitlin on-board. Her well-traveled experiences, her passion and her bright smile add up to one huge personality.  

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