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We are very humbled and pleased to announce that Trip Advisor has once again honored Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions for our excellence and expertise as a National Park Wildlife Photography Tour Company. We shall continue to strive for this recognition in the years ahead. 


Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

Join us "On Safari" into the wilds of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks during any time of the year. Take amazing images using your camera or Smart Phones. Or use my arsenal of camera gear at no charge to you.


Witness and photograph spring calves, kits and cubs, summer herds of bison or the annual moose and elk ruts from a safe distance. The Yellowstone Ecosystem is a vast twenty-two million acres of protected land and is teeming with wildlife.... bears/grizzly & black, elk, moose, bison, deer, pronghorn antelope big horn sheep, wolves, coyotes, foxes, mountain goats, badgers, weasels, pine martins, eagles, hawks and other species. The wildlife photography of this ecosystem is incredible.

In addition, the area has some of the most exceptional landscape photography in the world. You will learn of the natural and cultural history of this great land of ours. Geological, thermal and ecological interpretations will also be outlined for you. As well as wildlife behavior, seasonal adaptations and their habitat.

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  Wildlife Photography Tours | Grand Teton | Yellowstone | Jackson Hole   

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Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions is a first-rate wildlife photography tour company home-based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Our goal is to provide guests with a first-rate professional and informative wildlife and scenic photography tour into Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park and the Jackson Hole locale. 


We offer a variety of touring options to match your budget and needs. Half-day, full-day and multi-day tours are available. Free use of Canon Professional Camera Gear is included.


We have the unique ability to customize each tour to fit your time-frame and any specific interests that you may have.

Our local and experienced naturalist guides will not only share their passion for this great land with you, but their expertise and infinite knowledge of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is unmatched. You shall have their personal attention throughout the entire tour. All guides are professionally knowledgeable in all aspects of photography and photographic equipment (Canon, Nikon, Sony), including your Smart Phone.    

A surreal and incredible adventure is guaranteed. Join us for an experience of a lifetime and thanks for choosing us to host your national park wildlife photography experience. 


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